I/ITSEC 2022, Orlando, US – Conference Report

By SKY ENGINE AI   14 December 2022



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SKY ENGINE AI @ I/ITSEC 2022, Orlando, Florida, US – Synthetic data cloud in military metaverse applications

It's time to look back on another successful and enjoyable I/ITSEC. Following a week of discussions with customers, partners, and community members, a few themes have emerged. This conference report discusses some of the defence and homeland security industry trends observed at I/ITSEC 2022 in the context of using synthetic data for improvements in the AI models.


1. Metaverse, XR, and VR in military applications

During the discussions with US Navy the other day it rendered large interest there to shift majority of training and testing related tasks to the metaverse as cost-savings can be huge. Digital twins and military metaverse are the paths to pursue for the military organizations to maximize the efficiency of training, testing and simulation tasks. We anticipate a growth in the adoption of military metaverse applications in many scenarios.

What VR, XR have truly brought to the table is the capacity to provide enough immersion at a cost accessible to the general public. On the negative side, we still have the famed XR-sickness, which limits deployment to a larger audience, but new technology promises to solve this. Almost every other booth on the venue included AR or VR headsets in their displays. At the same time, dome projection systems are still widely available. The decision between VR/AR headsets and dome systems is still based on training requirements (degree of immersion, realism, and practicality) and cost.

2. Future of simulation and training is multiple domains

We have observed a significant rise in the area of simulation and interest in multi-domain context. To address this demand, we believe the industry must continue to expand on existing infrastructure while also offering solid and scalable software platforms for developing military-grade vision AI solutions and integrating new and emerging technologies like the ones oferred by SKY ENGINE AI. Only then will we be able to match the scope and complexity requirements of future training operations. Successful engagements across all arms—air, land, maritime, cyber, and space—require dynamic and tightly linked operations. Training as you fight is the only effective approach to get ready for this contemporary theater of combat. As a result, there has never been a greater need for future training skills to interact with both new and old systems. Especially, training vision AI systems in such diverse environments requires top notch platforms that can address different needs, modalities and scenarios and here SKY ENGINE AI Synthetic Data Cloud excels.

3. Synthetic data is on the rise

Many conventional and new simulation system developers interested in creating the next generation of simulation-based training systems and digital twins have shown interest in the synthetic data engines. The incorporation of synthetic data technology into simulation will surely provide the community with new possibilities, as specific sensors can be simulated with variety of combat scenarios. Many companies are using gaming engines but these are far inferior in terms of capabilities required for military systems simulations, however SKY ENGINE AI is alleviating this issue with Physically-based simulation system.


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