SKY ENGINE AI enters into partnership with NVIDIA and becomes official synthetic data supplier to NVIDIA's TAO Toolkit

By SKY ENGINE AI & NVIDIA   12 April 2021



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SKY ENGINE AI synthetic data simulation and generation for AI announces partnership with NVIDIA

SKY ENGINE AI (UK) announces partnership with renowned technology pioneer NVIDIA (US) to fast track the end-to-end workflow for AI and computer vision developers integrating with SKY ENGINE's data simulation and generation tools for accurate AI training.

Data plays a crucial role in creating intelligent applications. To create an efficient AI/ ML app, you must train machine learning models with high-quality, labeled datasets. Generating and labeling such data from scratch has been a critical bottleneck for enterprises. Many companies prefer a one-stop solution to support their AI/ML workflow from data generation, data labeling, model training/fine-tuning, and deployment.

To fast track the end-to-end workflow for developers, NVIDIA has been working with SKY ENGINE AI who enables generating large, diverse, and high-quality labeled synthetic training data. The SKY ENGINE AI platform can be seamlessly integrated with NVIDIA Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT) and NeMo for training and fine-tuning the AI models. These efficiently trained and optimized models can then be deployed with i.e. NVIDIA DeepStream (or other platforms) to create reliable computer vision applications.

Large amounts of labeled data are needed to train computer vision neural network models (especially true for deep learning methods). They could be collected from the real world or synthesized through models. High-quality labeled data enables neural network models to contextualize the information and generate accurate results.

NVIDIA integrated with the SKY ENGINE AI platform to generate and label synthetic custom data in the formats compatible with TLT for training. SKY ENGINE AI uses ray-tracing image renderer techniques to generate labeled synthetic data in virtual environments that can be used with TLT for training. This collaboration enables you efficient AI models training pipeline and seamless coverage of any edge cases.

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