SKY ENGINE AI becomes official supplier of Microsoft for AI research and development services in computer vision

By SKY ENGINE AI & Microsoft   04 June 2021





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SKY ENGINE AI synthetic data simulation and generation for AI announces partnership with Microsoft

SKY ENGINE AI (UK) announces partnership with an American multinational technology corporation – Microsoft and becomes its official supplier for AI research and development in computer vision.

This partnership will explore potential of the SKY ENGINE AI platform for scientific research in several computer vision fields including, but not limited to, healthcare, AI drones and more. SKY ENGINE AI becomes official supplier of synthetic data, AI models and end-to-end solutions to Microsoft. The announced collaboration will begin with a few research projects in automated AI-driven early cancer detection to improve endoscopic methods and tools available in today's diagnostics and screening. The solutions created using SKY ENGINE AI's proprietary technology will be operating under Microsoft Azure cloud platform being seamlessly integrated in the end-customer ecosystem running on multi-GPU Azure servers.

SKY ENGINE AI is a simulation and deep learning platform that generates fully annotated, synthetic data and trains AI computer vision algorithms at scale. The platform is architected to procedurally generate highly balanced imagery data of photorealistic environments and objects and provides advanced domain adaptation algorithms. SKY ENGINE AI platform is a tool for developers: Data Scientists, ML/Software Engineers creating computer vision projects in any industry.

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