SKY ENGINE expands use case line-up with AI computer vision analytics system, and receives order from Swedish trucks manufacturer SCANIA AB

By SKY ENGINE AI   03 November 2019



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SKY ENGINE AI synthetic data simulation and generation for drones, telecommunication, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, face recognition, automotive, construction, agriculture – SCANIA AB buys from SKY ENGINE AI

Sky Engine has received a purchase order for the development of Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision analytics system, based on its first on the market self-learning AI platform, from a major trucks and vehicles manufacturer SCANIA AB from Sweden.


Sky Engine provides a high-quality AI models training in virtual reality and has ground-breaking features like multi-spectral imaging (MSI), ultrafast computation speed, 4D adaptive data generation, multi-GPU data rendering with domain adaptation tools and gardens of deep learning neural networks.

With this order, Sky Engine will be used as AI analytics system and will support all of the service revenue optimisation options.

As a program partner, Sky Engine aims to promote its offerings at NVIDIA and third-party events, as well as gain early access to various NVIDIA hardware and SDKs to further speed up deep-learning application development time and performance. Within an AI City environment, the Sky Engine AI platform can be used as a developers’ tool to create several smart city solutions for telecommunication, retail, law enforcement, security, electronic toll collection, parking operations, banking and insurance, logistics, traffic management and customer loyalty.

Dr Bartek Włodarczyk, PhD, Sky Engine’s CEO says, “We are delighted to see that Sky Engine has once again been selected as the AI computer vision solution for a renowned top tier company. Sky Engine AI platform contains a number of state-of- the-art features that are important tools in the automatic objects recognition, and I’m glad that we can ensure that such a system will be used at its full potential to deliver the best possible service to SCANIA.”

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