Full Stack Deep Learning and Synthetic Data Cloud
for Data Scientists enabling 3D Generative Vision AI at scale

SKY ENGINE AI Synthetic Data Cloud enables building optimal, customised AI models and training them in virtual reality.
SKY ENGINE AI software allows creating a digital twin of your sensor, drone or robot and putting them through testing and training in a virtual environment
prior to real-world deployment.

SKY ENGINE AI Synthetic Data Generation makes Data Scientist life easier – produce perfectly balanced datasets for any Computer Vision applications like object detection & recognition, 3D positioning, pose estimation and other sophisticated cases including analysis of multi-sensor data i.e., Radars, Lidars, Satellite, X-rays, and more.

SKY ENGINE AI Research is conducting research and development using the AI platform for client-tailored solutions covering entire data science pipeline i.e., research, data generation, AI models training, validation, deployment and predictive analytics with adaptive AI algorithms.

And this is just the beginning...

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Build balanced dataset and optimal, customised AI models from scratch
and train them in the metaverse in SKY ENGINE AI Synthetic Data Cloud

SKY ENGINE AI - Value proposition: cheaper, faster and more accurate AI training and computer vision applications development. SKY ENGINE AI synthetic data generation along deep learning offers a powerful combination that is fundamental to deploying accurate AI in the real world.

An all-in-one AI models development platform that's smart, fast and data-driven.

SKY ENGINE AI Synthetic Data Cloud 3D Generative Synthetic Data Cloud for Data Scientists, Computer Vision and Software Engineers – Developers tool

SKY ENGINE AI is a generative simulation and deep learning platform that produces fully annotated synthetic data and trains AI computer vision algorithms in parallel at scale. The platform is architected to procedurally generate highly balanced imagery data of photorealistic environments and objects and provides advanced domain adaptation algorithms. SKY ENGINE AI platform is a tool for developers: Data Scientists, ML/Software Engineers creating computer vision projects in any industry.

SKY ENGINE AI is a Deep Learning environment for AI training in Virtual Reality with Sensors Physics Simulation & Fusion for any Computer Vision applications.

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Synthetic Data Cloud for in-cabin monitoringSimulate synthetic data, generate ground truth & train vision AI models for driver and occupants monitoring

The SKY ENGINE AI cloud can be used to simulate Physically-accurate, photorealistic synthetic data in the RGB and IR modalities enabling accelerated training of the accurate AI models in the driver and occupants monitoring applications. These computer vision models, when incorporated in the DMS/OMS system, enable real-time assistance in identifying in-car activities and help recognizing event risks, such as their probability, direct cause, likelihood of potential injuries and severity accumulated over pre-defined period of time.

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Military Metaverse for simulation and trainingComputer vision AI models training and validation for defence and homeland security

Synthetic environments, context, and vessels, warships, boats, rhibs can be effectively simulated in the SKY ENGINE AI Synthetic Data Cloud to enable huge savings on testing their behaviour in a real world. SKY ENGINE AI cloud is enabling a military-grade data simulation and rendering. Learn more about how we are helping organizations in the defence industry to build robust vision AI models and military metaverse.

Case study

Data Synthesis EngineSimulated multispectral data & pixel-perfect ground truth using Physically-based proprietary data synthesis engine

SKY ENGINE platform allows creating huge datasets for Deep Learning in Computer Vision quickly. Images, video, labels, depth masks, normals, ground-truth can be generated with the speed of thought. Envision, create and validate detailed virtual environment for AI models training with any object of interest. Synthetic X-rays, visible light, infrared, radars, lidars, sonar data can be effectively simulated and generated.

SKY ENGINE leverages full power of modern hardware, cloud and GPU with High Performance Computing (HPC).

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Visual AI inspectionRapid AI models training in Telecommunication – case study

The solution contains modules dedicated to optimisation of cell towers and site operations, and enables automatic AI inspection i.e., equipment identification, 3D telco site reconstructions, equipment mounting quality checks, on-site device condition monitoring and connection checks of any equipment.

Main components of the platform are evolutionary AI algorithms to ensure high inference accuracy in anomalies detection and SKY ENGINE Small Data™ technology that limits the burden of data acquisition and labelling for deep training as drone imagery datasets can be generated quickly.

Case study

AI Drones & UAVs NavigationDrone datasets & Autonomous drones in vineyard – case study

Drone flights can be performed autonomously. Plants and yield are detected and mapped in a real-time. All the objects are synthetic drone-generated with labels to provide deep insights to the growers via accurate AI inspection.

SKY ENGINE's Active Space Reasoning™ system allows those robots to operate efficiently without any supervision to deliver detailed analysis and to further refine the training environment for accurate self-navigation and drone characterisation of canopy vine cane, foliar, and fruit features.

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Crowd Analytics for Public SafetyHumans behavior, social distancing and 3D/2D mapping case study – Times Square, New York

Ensuring crowd safety, such as recognizing threats and distinguishing them from normal activities poses a big challenge for the monitoring and protection system.

SKY ENGINE AI enables understanding of crowd behavior and accurate detection of anomalies. City cameras can be used to recognize unusual situations with reporting in real time to the Public Security Service. SKY ENGINE AI platform tracks individual people, their distancing, 3D poses, position, and predicts actions and activities to increase public safety.

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AI drones trainingHow to efficiently boost service & maintenance operations?

Automatic AI inspection with the autonomous drones can be developed in the SKY ENGINE AI platform as we created metaverse where drone-based detection is enabled prior to deployment in a real train fleet service bay. Moreover, deep learning for railway traction and equipment monitoring can be performed at the fraction of cost and time, ensuring workers safety and improving predictive maintenance capabilities in the service department.

Gain huge boost in the infrastructure uptime with metaverses created in the SKY ENGINE AI platform.

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Multi-Object, Multi-Person TrackingState-of-the-art AI models created using synthetic data alone for multi-objects identity estimation and large crowd tracking

The synthetic data simulated in the SKY ENGINE AI platform enables SOTA training of the tracking AI models for multi-object and dense crowd identity estimation.

Training process can be greatly accelerated, as the AI models trained in the SKY ENGINE AI platform are fed with Physically-based simulated and balanced data with endless variations and randomizations including perfectly aligned labels. In addition, any available camera characteristics can be included at the synthetic data simulation stage to provide the most reliable data and models, well reflecting an inference hardware.

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Synthetic marina for AI docking & navigationCreate synthetic marina environments to accelerate AI models training for automatic docking and navigation.

SKY ENGINE AI Synthetic Data Cloud enables streamlined data generation in computer vision projects related to the automatic docking and navigation of boats, yachts and rhibs. Data Scientists can quickly and iteratively generate data they need to achieve very high accuracy of the AI models by getting balanced and diverse datasets covering edge cases and varying environmental conditions in the SKY ENGINE AI's pre-configured scenes including sensors of interest.

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Adaptive Construction IntelligenceSKY ENGINE AI Synthetic Data Cloud enables AI solutions for AEC industry

Adaptive Construction Intelligence solutions can be build using synthetic data and deep learning in virtual environments using SKY ENGINE AI cloud. The AI models can also be validated and continuously retrained by adding diverse data of corner cases .

Computer Vision models created in the Synthetic Data Cloud enable improved on-site predictive analytics, harness safety by PPE monitoring and danger zones leading to potential decrease in hazards.

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Synthetic Medical Diagnostics dataSimulate medical-grade quality synthetic data to enhance your vision AI models and improve inference accuracy

Synthetic human intestines and lesions for training of the vision AI systems in endoscopy to differentiate cancer and normal tissues. Real-time inference of polyps in colonoscopy trained purely on synthetic data from SKY ENGINE AI cloud. Many other modalities can be included like capsule endoscopy, hysteroscopy, bronchoscopy, X-rays, PET, SPECT, and more. Generate human anatomy data and train accurate AI models at scale for medical diagnostics applications with Physically-based simulation system and complex ground truths.

Run SKY ENGINE AI elsewhere.
Generative Synthetic Data at scale. Create data generation and deep learning pipeline by running SKY ENGINE AI platform in your dedicated environment or scale the workloads to the SKY ENGINE AI cloud in seconds for convenience.

Run in the cloud

Run SKY ENGINE AI platform in configured multi-GPU scalable on-demand cluster with just a few clicks.

Train AI models at scale

Avoid setting up the infrastructure and quickly scale tasks adding more workers if required.

Generate data by distributed simulations

Use SKY ENGINE AI cloud GPUs to reduce developers effort for synthetic data generation and AI models training,

Keep data in your environment (on-prem)

Your data always stays in your environment on-premise. The AI models and synthetic data are generated locally.

Enable multiple users

Provide platform access to the entire Data Science team and work independently.


 Face It! – 6M: Generative 3D Human Characters – Synthetic Images Dataset for Vision AI

Synthetic Data | 3D Generative AI | Human Characters | AI Dataset | Computer Vision

Face It! – 6M: Generative 3D Human Characters – Synthetic Images Dataset for Vision AI

The number of human-related applications of computer vision and AI is growing by the day. From medicine to retail to manufacturing and security, AI-powered solutions are becoming more prevalent and will soon be...

18 July 2024
SKY ENGINE AI announces partnership with DRKVRS for 3D Generative AI in games development

3D Generative AI | Synthetic Data Cloud | Game Dev | Generative AI | Computer Graphics

SKY ENGINE AI announces partnership with DRKVRS for 3D Generative AI in games development

SKY ENGINE AI and DRKVRS Partnership – 3D Generative AI for Games Development.

17 July 2024
SKY ENGINE AI raises $7M to accelerate vision AI development for automotive, robotics, medical diagnosis & more

SKY ENGINE AI | Synthetic Data Cloud | Series A | Generative AI | Computer Vision

SKY ENGINE AI raises $7M to accelerate vision AI development for automotive, robotics, medical diagnosis & more

SKY ENGINE AI has raised its Series A round to help tech companies improve computer vision with Synthetic Data Cloud for AI developers.

17 January 2024
What is Transfer Learning?

Transfer Learning | Data science | Machine Learning | Synthetic Data | Vision AI

What is Transfer Learning?

Transfer learning is a computer vision approach that involves building a new model on top of a prior one. The goal is to enable the new model to learn characteristics from the existing one, allowing the new...

14 September 2023
SKY ENGINE AI announces Synthetic Data Cloud for Driver Monitoring win with Renault Group

Driver Monitoring | Synthetic Data Cloud | Automotive | Generative AI | Computer Vision

SKY ENGINE AI announces Synthetic Data Cloud for Driver Monitoring win with Renault Group

SKY ENGINE AI has been selected to deliver its world-leading Synthetic Data Cloud for Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software to boost car models capabilities with a major European car manufacturer – Renault...

05 September 2023
SKY ENGINE AI receives Synthetic Data Cloud win with major European defence and military vendor

Military | Synthetic Data Cloud | Defence | Vision AI | Generative AI

SKY ENGINE AI receives Synthetic Data Cloud win with major European defence and military vendor

SKY ENGINE AI has been selected by major European defence and military vendor to deliver its world-leading Synthetic Data Cloud software platform for Vision AI and Generative AI. New and legacy vision...

04 September 2023
Zero-shot learning in Computer Vision/Vision AI

Zero-shot learning | Data science | Machine Learning | Synthetic Data | Computer Vision

Zero-shot learning in Computer Vision/Vision AI

Zero-shot learning allows a model to complete a job without receiving any training examples by inferring what might be in an image using auxiliary information such as text descriptions.

28 August 2023
What is a Transformer?

Vision Transformer | Data science | Machine Learning | Synthetic Data | Computer Vision

What is a Transformer?

Transformers, initially described in a Google paper titled "Attention Is All You Need" in 2017, use a self-attention mechanism to tackle sequence-to-sequence problems such as language translation and text...

20 August 2023
Overfitting in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Overfitting | Data science | Machine Learning | Synthetic Data | Computer Vision

Overfitting in Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Overfitting occurs when a model fits perfectly to its training data. When the machine learning model you trained overfits to training data rather than understanding new and unknown data, the model's quality...

03 August 2023

Unleash the Physics Simulations of Light, Quality 3D Graphics and Rendering Power
for Deep Learning in SKY ENGINE AI



Boost your Computer Vision and Machine Learning with unprecedented accuracy

Unique AI Solutions

Deep Learning, Rendering, and Imaging engine in single, easy to use agile AI Platform. Get SKY ENGINE today and save on data-related costs.

Power of Rendering

SKY ENGINE boosts and enables self-learning with its proprietary rendering and imaging system for synthetic data acquisition.

Data Science Boost

Improve image recognition accuracy with our innovative approach where no data labelling is needed. We are advancing AI.

Scientific Research

SKY ENGINE is evolving system being academic research spin-off designed for self-learning adopting edge AI and imaging technology.

We combine the power of Deep Learning, Rendering and Imaging with state-of-the-art computing to help industries adopting efficient AI Business Transformation










Everything you would expect
Benefits of using synthetic data

Reduced data acquisition

Large chunks of real-world training images are no longer required reducing data acquisition costs as synthetic data is diverse and covers edge-cases.

Perfectly labelled data

Synthetic data, digital twins come with labels, annotated instances and ground truths, reducing humans work.

Up to 85% cost savings

AI business transformation can be reality when generating massive synthetic training datasets at a fraction of real-world data collection and labelling cost.

Up to 50% more accurate computer vision

Training AI models with pure synthetic data and advanced domain adaptation and testing digital twins in virtual reality greatly improves model performance.

Up to 40x faster AI model development

Accelerate deployment of computer vision models by shortening training iteration cycles with adaptive data-centric evolutionary deep learning workflow.

Democratize access to AI training data

Build trust with your customers and community when creating anonymized synthetic datasets and work safely with data while preserving privacy.