SKY ENGINE partners up with Allegorithmic, an ADOBE company, to accelerate AI in computer vision

By SKY ENGINE AI & ADOBE   13 May 2019

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SKY ENGINE AI synthetic data simulation and generation for drones, telecommunication, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, face recognition, automotive, construction, agriculture - ADOBE Partnership

London, UK and Clemont-Ferrand, FR, 13 May 2019 — ALLEGORITHMIC, an Adobe company, and SKY ENGINE have signed an agreement that provides for integration between Sky Engine’s AI platform and Allegorithmic’s Substance Designer to massively extend what is possible today in the field of self-learning AI for computer vision.


Sky Engine is solving some of the biggest challenges in computer vision today. The problem is massive amounts of data are needed for training the AI models used in computer vision, and often this data must be labeled by a human first. Very few companies have the resources to do this, now Sky Engine has developed a way to link computer generated images (CGI) directly to the process of training the AI models used in computer vision.

By using computer generated images in AI, a single scene created by a CGI artist can be used to generate tens of thousands of images that are in the process also all labeled. This can be taken further by animating the CGI scenes, opening a massive range of opportunities that were previously thought impossible. From medical imaging to self-driving cars, to detailed player analytics from broadcast sports footage, Sky Engine is leading the way.

Allegorithmic’s Substance will be used directly within the Sky Engine’s renderer to texture objects within a CGI scene. Texturing is how colors and effects like skin, fish scales, tree bark or even water are applied to computer generated images. Substance is a unique ecosystem of tools and content that empowers CGI artists to paint and texture 3D models faster than ever. The partnership means Substance will now be tightly integrated within Sky Engine making it much faster and easier for CGI artists to create scenes that can be used in training AI for computer vision.

The collaboration between Adobe Allegorithmic and Sky Engine is a massive step forward in realizing the opportunity for self-learning AI in computer vision. It brings together advanced technology in computer generated imagery with cutting-edge technology in self-learning AI for computer vision. Not only are there huge applications for this technology already, the partnership has the potential to create a brand-new market for using AI in postproduction video editing in the film industry. The technology is already being used in projects that rely on computer vision, from medical imaging to elite sports analytics.

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