SKY ENGINE receives purchase order from Smart Tracking sport analytics company developing volleyball tracking system

By SKY ENGINE AI & Smart Tracking   17 June 2020

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SKY ENGINE AI synthetic data simulation and generation for drones, telecommunication, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, face recognition, automotive, construction, agriculture - purchase order, sport analytics company Smart Tracking

London, UK and Warsaw, PL, 17 June 2020 — SKY ENGINE AI (UK) has received a purchase order for software license of its evolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine for Computer Vision applications from a Smart Tracking (PL) company developing state-of-the-art sport analytics solutions. Sky Engine delivers its proprietary AI platform enabling production of a top-notch AI models trained in virtual reality including ground-breaking functionalities like synthetic data rendering system on multi-GPU with domain adaptation, ultrafast computation speed, 4D adaptive data generation system and gardens of tailored deep learning neural networks.


With this order, Sky Engine will be used as a development tool for volleyball analytics system and will boost the Smart Tracking system capabilities. As a next step, parties will discuss collaboration agreement and participation of Smart Tracking company in the Sky Engine AI beta-testing programme.

Zbigniew Korczak, CEO of Smart Tracking says, “This collaboration agreement with Sky Engine is very important for the advancement of AI computer vision in sport. Together we will take the technology forward to deliver edge solutions in volleyball analytics.”

Dr Bartek Włodarczyk, PhD, Sky Engine’s CEO says, “We are pleased to see that Sky Engine has once again been selected as an evolutionary AI engine for computer vision sport. Sky Engine AI platform contains a several state-of-the-art features that provide automatic and accurate objects recognition, and I’m excited that we can deliver our system that will be used at its full potential in volleyball play analytics.”

About Smart Tracking

Smart Tracking is a technological startup of unique and exceptionally high qualifications. Smart Tracking team consists of driven specialists who decided to join their passion, knowledge and experience in order to create a vision system designed to correct mistakes made by volleyball referees. Smart Tracking method combines multiple areas of technology: 2D and 3D data processing, optics, mechanics, mathematics, electronics, computer graphics and optimization. Most of Smart Tracking staff are members of the academic community affiliated to the Warsaw University of Technology. Smart Tracking is an interdisciplinary team with an extensive experience in creating optomechatronic systems.

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