SKY ENGINE AI announces ultra wide band radar simulator design and AI models training win with major new electronics OEM customer

By SKY ENGINE AI   31 December 2020

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SKY ENGINE AI synthetic data simulation and generation for AI in electronic devices, mobile phones. Radar simulations.

SKY ENGINE AI (UK) receives ultra wide band radar (UWB) simulator design and AI models training win from one of the APAC’s largest OEMs. 


SKY ENGINE AI, the leading developer of a synthetic data vision platform for deep learning in virtual reality to the computer vision industry, has received a purchase order from a global electronics OEM for delivering ultra wide band radars simulations and research with the AI models training. This group is one of the largest electronics producers in the world, focusing on multi-purpose electronics.

SKY ENGINE AI delivers professional services, research and development based on its proprietary, state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform designed for the Deep Learning models training in a Virtual Reality with multi-modality synthetic data and customised modules addressing OEM's specific use cases.

SKY ENGINE AI platform unlocks potential for production of a superb AI models trained in a Virtual Reality based on a ground-breaking proprietary SKY ENGINE's technologies i.e. Small Data, and Evolve enabling procedural synthetic data generation on a multi-GPU system with advanced domain adaptation algorithms, ultrafast computation speed, 4D adaptive data generation system and garden of tailored deep learning neural network architectures.

“We are extremely delighted to see that Sky Engine has once again been trusted by such renowned top tier company. SKY ENGINE AI platform represents the future of AI in Computer Vision systems and our expansion to the APAC market just begins with this extraordinary collaboration with top class companies.”, said Dr Bartek Włodarczyk, CEO & President of SKY ENGINE AI.


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